• Justin Neal – Founder

    Justin Neal is an accomplished entrepreneur and passionate outdoorsman. Raised in rural North Carolina, his love for the outdoors began at an early age. After high school, Justin enlisted in the U.S. Army to become a Special Operations Ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment. During his tour(s) of military service, Justin honed his leadership skills and developed a strong sense of discipline and determination that he carries with him to this day. Following his military service, Justin pursued a career in business, quickly rising to upper-level management positions in various companies. In 2022, Justin founded SABO Outdoors. As CEO, Justin has brought his passion for the outdoors and his expertise in business to create a successful and innovative company. Justin is an advocate for outdoor conservation and sustainability, working to preserve natural spaces and wildlife for future generations to enjoy. In his personal life, Justin enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping.

  • Taylor Cassat – Co-Founder

    Taylor Cassat is a Navy Special Operations veteran with over a decade of experience in operations management and cybersecurity. Taylor served with the National Security Agency and Navy SEAL Teams as a senior intelligence analyst, collecting information to plan kinetic action against high level targets of interest for National Security purposes. Taylor deployed three times with Navy SEAL Teams to Africa and Afghanistan. After departing the military in 2021, Taylor has worked exclusively with startups for growth and partnerships development. Taylor is a passionate outdoorsman from the state of Arkansas, the duck hunting capital of the world. He spends his duck seasons on the Cache river with his black lab, Kayce. SABO Outdoors is Taylor’s way to help influence conservation of those natural resources he holds so dear – both the waterfowl and GTR’s of Arkansas as they both continue to have impact from commercial development and overharvesting. Taylor expects to graduate from the University of Arkansas this December with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business, Pre-Law.

  • Joshua Settle – Co-Founder

    Joshua Settle, a US Army Ranger Special Operations veteran, brings a wealth of experience and cognizance to his role as the Chief Financial Officer for SABO Outdoors Inc. Skilled in operating under pressure and mission accomplishment, Joshua effectively directs our financial strategies, leveraging his rigorous military training principles in the business world Joshua now focuses extensively on finance and management. Armored with his Series 65 license, he not only oversees our financial operations but also concurrently nurtures his endowment as a General Partner in a hedge fund. His robust work ethic, coupled with his active investment knowledge, propels our financial structure, driving us towards our revenue and growth targets effectively. He is dedicated to ensuring that our operations and projects are not only financed adequately but also return profitable outcomes. Joshua cultivates a culture of fiscal excellence at SABO, fostering a team that uses financial insights to inform business decisions. His previous experience as a Ranger, combined with his in-depth knowledge in IT, networking, operations, and financial management, makes him an unbeatable asset to our team.

  • Timothy Schneider – Co-Founder

    Timothy Schneider, based in Mount Pleasant, SC, is a veteran cybersecurity and network engineering professional with an exemplary background in both the private sector and the U.S. Army. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Tim has demonstrated expertise in various fields, including Government Compliance, Server Management, Cybersecurity, and Network Administration. As a proud former Army Signal Warrant Officer and Army Ranger, Tim was directly responsible for users across different networks and multiple classification levels. His career highlights include special operations assignments and senior network engineering roles, encompassing the United States, the Middle East, and The Levant. In his current role as a the Head of Government Engineering for Cloudflare, Tim is instrumental in safeguarding DOD and Public Sector clients. At Cloudflare, Tim leads critical government engineering projects, utilizing his deep knowledge of the world's fastest DNS and network technologies. This leadership role underscores his commitment to innovation and efficiency, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in his field. His adeptness in recognizing and recruiting talent, coupled with strong leadership, has increased productivity and enhanced team morale. Mr. Schneider's academic accomplishments include a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Network and System Administration from the University of Maryland and an ongoing Master of Business Administration (MBA) in IT Management, as well as Technical Project Management Graduate Certificate from The Citadel. His numerous certifications include span a wide array of industry leading certifications on both the technical and project management side. Whether planning and implementing HCI, Virtualized environments, WAN and LAN networks, or strategizing secure communication solutions, Mr. Schneider’s versatile skills reflect an unwavering dedication to excellence in technology and national security. His achievements in closing substantial sales deals and building strategic relationships with leaders and specialized personnel are testaments to his ability to align technology with organizational objectives.